Sunday, February 10, 2008

9 February - Are You Spritually Exhausted

Oops ... I forgot about yesterday ... I guess I was physically exhausted ;-)

Yesterday's message is an interesting way to look at service ... through us, others are nourished by God. And quite often they will suck you dry. Man, how many times have I complained of being thoroughly exhausted by an event or the whole of a calling? I really don't want to count!

But if I were focused on what the Lord will provide me through that service ... what He provides us when we are totally focused on Him ... then I would never be exhausted. Wait a minute ... could we forget the energy drinks, caffeine, and other things that are supposed to give us energy? Because all we apparently need is to be nourished by God through word and deed -- His word and deed, building His kingdom and establishing His righteousness.

I'm going to try that as soon as I can (right after I finish my Diet Pepsi ... argh!)

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