Tuesday, February 12, 2008

12 February - Must I Listen?

So when was the last time you asked your kids to do something, and they just blew you off? Or your spouse? Or your employees? How did it feel?

Yeah, well, that's exactly how God feels when He gives us commandments. Chambers says there is no willful disobedience ... I know there is! I knew much of the time that I was doing the wrong thing. I know even more fully when I do the wrong things now. Yet, I did them and do them anyway.

That's painful to the Lord, but I think it's more hurtful when we don't listen because we cannot hear. We are just so busy with all the day to day, the routine, the idols (and sometime American Idols ;-), and we miss the subtleties of God's instructions for us. We miss the personal moments, meant only for us, that are lost forever because our hearing is poor.

I'm going to try harder to listen tomorrow ... how about you?

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