Thursday, February 7, 2008

7 February - The Discipline of Dejection

I have a point of disagreement with today's devotion. Chambers seems to speak of prayer as only a method to learn about God, not to receive answers. I have to disagree. How can we learn of God and His plan for us if we do not ask and receive answers. However, we must not doubt the instruction and answers we receive from the Lord.

So that begs the question ... what have I been receiving in my prayers or as instruction from the prophets that has caused me to doubt the Lord by doubting myself? Thinking of the last calling I received ... I doubted all over the place. And what was the result? I really just ended up confused and frustrated, feeling very sorry for myself. But when I let go of the doubt in myself I was able to enjoy the confusion (oh, yeah, there was still confusion ;-). Everything came easier because I wasn't worried about what I couldn't do.

So what doubts do you have in the Lord's instruction or your confirmation in prayers are you holding on to?

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